What if I can’t get to the floor?

Easy enough. We start from where you are most comfortable. We can work from a chair or a massage table. One of the things we can work on is improving your ability to get down to and up from the floor with greater ease and confidence.

I’ve never been good at Yoga. I can’t meditate. Can it still work for me?

Sometimes you have to hear this one a few times for it to sink in. Yoga isn’t something to get or be good at. It isn’t about FLEXIBILITY or always being ‘peaceful’. Yoga is a process, a journey vs. a destination.

What should I wear?

come as you are. comfortable, easy to move in clothing, bare or socked feet are best. even jeans will work. Remember, we’re adapting the yoga to meet you exactly where and how you are.

Do I need anything?

You don’t need to go shopping.
clothing: think comfortable, easy to move in.
yoga mat: only if you want one. Mats do provide a clean non-skid surface, You can use a blanket or towel instead when kneeling or reclining on the floor.
a notebook, journal: a spot to take notes for yourself. could be on your computer. why? it helps us to note how you are doing along the way.

How many sessions will it take?

It depends – it depends on your situation, your goals, if you are practicing a program at home. after the first session you will have learned a few things to support them. You’ll be able to bring practices into your life immediately.

How’s it work long distance?

we’ll make arrangements for a video call . although it is ideal to meet in person, it isn’t always an option.