is yoga for you?

Is yoga for you?

First of all, you clicked on this, didn’t you? Curiosity can be the first step. Something about yoga resonates with you. Be it a feeling, witnessing a friend’s growth, a desire to be more relaxed, more at ease in your body and in your heart. The list could be endless. While I am a bit biased in that I believe there are yoga practices that will benefit everyone,  my bias is based on more than 26 years of personal practice witnessing not just myselfwalker-antiqued-round-glass-mirror-o

but many others navigate life with a balanced and centered approach. And when knocked off course, we know how to start to get back. 
Who schedules?

My students and clients arrive with a wide variety of interests, goals, and abilities. Some arrive wanting to move past their back ache, resume quality sleep, or move through a difficult time. One client I saw for four sessions, during which we improved his balance, sleep, and reduced the need to manage his stress and plan his return to the gym. Others come seeking to learn some basics and gain confidence in joining a group class. A number of my regulars in my weekly group classes meet with me so that we can clarify and thus deepen our work together progressing them toward their goals. 

Students range from 10 to 84 years of age, women and men, weekend warriors to competitive athletes, and 9-5 desk workers to classic Montanan ranch hands. 

Therapeutic sessions?
The benefit of private sessions begins with YOU. Your goals, your interests, your need for a little bit more sleep vs. the general benefit that may occur in group classes. Therapeutic sessions may certainly be an opportunity to learn more about yoga; however, more specifically this is where we can apply yoga to help you gain relief, improve your function, and continue to pursue your life’s work (and play).

Want more from your practice?
Seasoned practitioners are supported in deepening their practice, be it a blend of home, group classes, and our private sessions. Through specific practices and the subtleties you will naturally become more organized in thought and focused toward greater progression wherever your life may lead you.

Already meditate?
…but have a pesky knee or shoulder that bugs you during long sits? or everyday? Together we can explore other sitting options and/or create a practice specific to supporting your sitting practice.

Bottom line…customized sessions and practices allow you to progress toward a life of stability and agility both physically and mentally.